Best Ways To Help Your Kids Try New Food

It’s the story of every parent who has picky eaters at home. They like a few things and don’t want to try anything new. It is a serious concern in some cases as children need various nutrition. And kids being picky eaters is a very common problem but you can work on a few things to make them try the different menu. Here are a few tips for you to start.

Allow children to play with their food

Children love to experience things around them and studies have proven that kids who were allowed to play with their food and seen them grow or cook with them in fun-based activities loved to adapt to the food easier than the others. And you should be assured that as parents it is your responsibility to provide the meals and eating them or not is left to the child. It is hard for parents to accept this fact, but this is how it works and it requires a lot of patience. It will also be great if you can get your children to shop at the supermarket and pick ingredients for you. Also, let them help you in the kitchen.

Hold on to the rotation schedule

It’s better not to offer the same food every day. You can talk to your kids by telling them that they shouldn’t eat the same food every day. Tell them you can have their favourite food some other day or tomorrow.

Start Small

More often than not, parents tend to offer their children meal portions larger for them to eat. Thus try including new vegetables and fruits in small quantities. Once the child likes it, you can give the food he likes. And subsequently, increase the portion and follow-up.

Tell them about the ingredients present in the food

When kids ask about what is in their food, it is always the best, to be honest with them. And if they feel disgusted about the structure or smell, show them how it looks and the various benefits they give.

Check on their snacks and drinks

Check what your child eats for at least three days. Studies show that many of the picky eaters tend to eat more snacks. It is advisable to maintain three meals and three snack breaks. Now they will try to taste new things as they are truly hungry.

Apart from the above tips, you could also invite your child’s friends over for dinner. Kids are more prone to learn from their friends rather than parents. And sparking a conversation during dinner time is also a great way to get the food going smoothly.